The fillet joint is one of the most fun and best looking joints to work on with aluminum TIG welding.
It is a joint that requires a lot of attention to detail, and there are definitely a lot of bad habits that people can get stuck on when they are first learning.

When I first started learning this joint, I couldn’t understand why I was getting stuck with results I didn’t like. However once I was able to learn the things that were causing the issue and how to overcome them, I obviously started to get much better results and see my practice time start to pay off.

Learning to identify the problems that are common with this joint is the best way to understand how to get good results. If someone is able to identify these small problems in the early stages of learning this exercise, it will be much easier to overcome obstacles and get desired results quicker.

I did an episode on my YouTube channel that describes identifying these issues in detail. This episode breaks down everything clearly and gives you great visual breakdowns of each potential obstacle. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already!


One thing I wanted to provide was to release a detailed textbook page to accompany the video above, so that you can follow along with the video. These pages are completely free, and they are designed to be followed during the video to match up with what I discuss during the episode. If you haven’t downloaded them already, clink the link to download a PDF of the textbook pages for free here:


The biggest goal of my channel has been to provide people with learning material that I wish I had when I first started learning. Making videos for my YouTube channel is a lot of fun, however I feel like releasing textbook pages and other resources to help people learn will be something that I can do to continue to support the welding community.

Providing people with the best learning resources to learn TIG welding is something that is really important to me. I want to support people who want to learn, any way that I can, whether it be through my website, my YouTube channel, my online TIG welding program, or even Instagram. As I continue to make more episodes similar to this one, all of these resources will be put in this members area on my website, and will remain free for everyone to access.

Thank you so much for checking out and following what I am doing here in this online space. It means a lot to me that I am able to create resources and opportunities for my students and enthusiasts of TIG welding.

I hope you enjoy the episode as well as the PDF textbook pages that go with it. Happy welding!