Dusty has been a professional welder in the production industry for 2 decades. He has received certifications for all different types of welding tickets, certification as a welding supervisor, and has done instruction in both workplace settings as well as college training centers.
When first starting to learn to TIG weld, Dusty struggled to find instruction that connected well with his style of learning. Without proper instruction, the process of learning became frustrating, and he nearly quit and moved on to other interests. However finding a unique and original way to learn, as well as practice exercises which helped develop his craft to a level that even matched people who had been in the trade for decades, he quickly became capable of doing high-quality work, and moved up the ladder in the company he worked for. 
Transitioning his teaching style as well as expertise to his YouTube channel in 2019, Dusty‘s channel, Pacific Arc Tig Welding, has become one of the fastest growing channels in the online space over the last year. Creating a positive and fun environment for people to learn from, as well as creating content for passionate and enthusiastic people looking to learn more about the trade, Dusty has gone full-time to create the best resources for anyone looking to learn TIG welding. 
In the next year Dusty plans on growing Pacific Arc Tig Welding on a much bigger scale. Dusty‘s goal is to help and provide learning material for people who are motivated and enthusiastic about the trade all over the world. From his YouTube channel that can be watched by anyone, to a highly targeted online program specifically designed for people who don’t have the time or resources to learn and train in a traditional school environment, Dusty is changing the landscape of learning in the trade.




“I would without a doubt recommend this course to anyone. You're learning how to TIG Weld Aluminum right out of the gate. When I finished this course, I was welding better than journeymen with decades of experience.

Dale G.”

Former Student

“I have learned so much and felt comfortable finally tackling aluminum with your guidance. I loved the course and found it to be extremely user friendly. This class will really help advance my hobby and career."

Karl M.”

Former Student

“It is not always convenient or possible to take classes at a community college when working full time, taking this program, I can sum it up in 3 words: MONEY WELL SPENT. I really wanted to get some basic understanding- what I got far exceeded my imagination. I would highly recommend this program to anyone serious about tig welding aluminum.

Kelly R.”

Former Student



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