I Was Nervous to Release This Tig Welding Video.

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This was a Tig Welding episode that I was NERVOUS to release on my channel.

There’s been several videos on YouTube that I’ve seen where someone breaks down and points out how bad someone else’s welding is. I’ve always thought that ripping someone else’s work apart wasn’t good form, and I’ve never wanted to make anyone feel like I was ganging up on their welding.


However- what about using it as an opportunity to LEARN from? That’s the angle I take with this new episode on my channel here, where I break down some of the most viral welding videos on YouTube, and what YOU can learn from them to level up your welding game. There’s some really important value that I show in this episode, these tips will give you a good understanding of some techniques that will apply to many different welding situations.


You can watch it right now HERE. You’ll love this one, and I’ve got more of these coming.


We break down a few videos where the joint is made by folding the material up on itself. This is done by cutting out specific patterns that will achieve the joint configuration that you are after, in my episode I did 3 variations of a 90° corner- and they were a blast to make. I go over the welding portion of what is important, but I target one aspect of these joints that literally NEVER gets taught in all of these episodes I’ve seen- THE PREPARATION to each joint.


The preparation is the most important parts of these projects, and without addressing this before starting the weldout, you’ve already lost.


Thank you all so much for being a part of what I’m doing in the welding community, hope you enjoy!


Happy welding,

Dusty James