How to keep Tig Welding for DECADES.

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I've always said that the most important thing about learning to Tig weld is keeping it fun. Practice exercises and running drills and lessons is definitely SOME of the most important stuff, but being able to experiment with things you haven't tried before just for the fun of it is one of the things that keeps people welding for a long period of time.

For myself even after 20+ years of TIG welding professionally, this is something that I still keep as a priority with what I do in my shop. Look at what I got up to last week!

These were ideas that I saw on the Internet, literally just people making and trying these different exercises out, and of course I had to try this out for myself!

I give a complete breakdown of how I do these different exercises in the newest video on my channel, and other things that even beginners can try just using scrap material. If you haven't seen the episode you can watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJx8Ad7epzk

I'll always be providing the best online learning content for Tig welding. Whether in my free classes on my website, or in my free content on my channel, I want to show the fun of tig welding and how even after decades of experience I still find ways to keep learning.

Thank you so much for following along.

Happy Welding!